At The Shore

The Northeastern Seaboard, New England, and specifically the State of Connecticut have all held a very special place in our hearts. My wife & I had the opportunity to live there for 3 years, following within a year of the horrific events of 9/11. We traveled within the region a fair bit as well, seeing first hand places like Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C. up close and personal, cherishing every moment. 

We’re what you might call “atmosphere” people. We like to experience the ambience of a place, not just travel through it. The history & culture, the people, the food & wine, the geography & architecture, the overall “vibration” of a place really beat together at its heart. It makes us happy to hear that rhythm, to feel the quickening that is this pulse.

At the end of June, with school just out and the weather stunningly beautiful, we had the good fortune to return & visit dear friends. And it was most certainly “vacation mode” here in Connecticut. As the ocean breezes beckoned, rightly so,  a trip to the beach, a.k.a. “the shore” as it’s known here, became the order of business.

A last-minute very casual day trip was planned for us all to head down to the “beach house.” We had no idea what to expect, perhaps a small and rustic, more familiar cottage-like experience. What we found instead was a beautiful, historic home gazing from literally across the street at an incredible view of Long Island Sound on this sunny, hot, gorgeous day at the shore.

Life is good.


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