The dance between light &  darkness exists on so many levels, and remains a dominant feature in our exploration of the human condition. Presentation and interpretation are manifold and just as simple or complex as we imagine them to be.

If asked, most photographers I’m sure would say that the intricacies of light and shadow are the very building blocks not only of what we see but also of how we see the world around us. Whether in colour or black-and-white, all images describe an integral part, yet not the whole of life’s continuum. What we see, or think we see within an image, it’s merely the blink of an eye in the ever-changing evolution of our existence.

My love of photography has everything to do with the embrace of the cerebral and the emotional as explored within the confines of the same frame at the same time. What a remarkable species we are to have the ability to extract “meaning” and “feeling” from a static visual.

These are my visual offerings. Thank you for letting me share them with you.


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